What is Reiki?

Usui/Holy Fire III

Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction and relaxation technique that promotes healing and supports spiritual and intuitive development using Universal Life Force Energy. The style that we see most often today was founded by Mikao Usui in the 1930’s. Usui was activated by this incredible energy while on a journey of enlightenment. He taught Churijo Hayashi, a medical doctor, who helped him develop this system even further. Dr. Hayashi later taught Ms. Hawayo Takata who brought the Usui system over to Hawaii before WWII, which allowed this system of Reiki to continue growing all throughout Western society.  

When our life energy is low, or if there is a blockage restricting its’ flow, we are vulnerable to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual illness, or dis-ease. Reiki releases these blockages and allows your life energy to flow with more freedom. This opens up our capacity for belief, intuition, clear expression, love, personal power, creativity and a sense of belonging and safety. Reiki is used in over 800 hospitals in the US and in conjunction with psychotherapy and other treatment modalities. Reiki is not associated with any religion, and will never cause harm.

Holy Fire III

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki is a system that was channeled to William Lee Rand in 2018, which provides deeper levels of healing than we have seen in Reiki before. The reason that I was incredibly drawn to this style of Reiki is because it is directly associated with the higher level of consciousness that can bring healing to the unhealed aspects of our Ego, ultimately revealing the most Authentic, Soul-driven version of ourselves. 

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki embraces all of the traditional Usui concepts, ideals and techniques. In fact, it is actually much more traditional than what most Usui students are learning today. When Takata started teaching in Western Society she simplified the system, stating that what Usui and Hayashi taught was “too complicated” for the Western mind to learn. She created a training that was much more restrictive and “rule-based” than what we see with Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki. We are more evolved and open-minded today than we were in the 40’s and are, therefore, more readily accepting of the natural intuitive nature of Reiki energy. This is the reason it has been channeled to us now.

Takata eliminated many of the intuitive aspects of Reiki when she simplified the system. Usui/Holy Fire III brings those intuitive elements back (including byosen scanning, surrender of Ego and intuitive hand placements). This allows the level of Reiki energy that we are receiving to be much more refined and heals more powerfully at deeper levels of our physical body as well as our levels of consciousness.

In my trainings, I add even more of an emphasis on intuitive development, chakra healing and healing of our Ego than what is normally taught. Being able to access, activate and trust your intuition, while understanding the purpose our Ego plays and how it can disconnect us from our intuition, are some of the key features of my trainings.

Because we are so much more open to healing, Usui/Holy Fire III introduces us to 3 new concepts that other Reiki energies do not;

1) Authentic Self.

2) Culturally Created Self.

3) Unhealed Dormant Parts of Self (Ego).

Holy Fire III energy accesses our deep levels of the subconscious to heal and release our most repressed and unhealed pieces of Self. It peels back the layers of our identity that culture and society has created and maintained, and aims to reveal our most Authentic versions of self, without all of that added junk.