Reiki as a way of life

With Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki energy we begin to recognize and release subconscious patterning created by society and our culture and emphasized through our Ego. This energy also makes us aware of things that we have been repressing that are creating a firm layer around our most Authentic and Soul-driven version. As we heal these elements and begin to create relationship with Ego, we become much more aware of our passions, our purpose, and what truly brings us joy in life. We expose our Soul.

Usui/Holy Fire III is a newly channeled, explosive style of Reiki that brings an even deeper level of healing that is required in this day and age. There is no more space for surface spirituality. It is time to DIG DEEP and make meaningful life changes! In this realm of Reiki healing there is no space for anything inauthentic. You will witness the crumbling in yourself, and in those you hold space for. You will also witness the RISE, like a Phoenix rising from the ashes, you too, will utilize the element of fire to ignite strength, creativity, passion and deep intuitive healing for yourself, and for others.

Cultivates Trust

When we can embrace and place our trust in the energy, we remove the responsibilities that we carry around fixing everyone and being everything to everyone. We place our trust in the Universe and our Intuition.

Heals our Ego

Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki energy heals any unhealed aspects of our Ego (our inner critic, our saboteur, our martyr etc...) giving us more space to hear and follow our Intuition and what is in alignment with our Spirit.

Creates Alignment

We find that as we continue to embrace the Reiki energy, things that are no longer in alignment with our highest, most authentic self begin to fall away. Everything that is in alignment with us falls into place.

A Reiki Session is Lovely,
Reiki Training is Magical!

In a Reiki Session you are receiving the Reiki energy. In Reiki Training you are being placed with the Reiki energy so that it stays with you forever. 

Reiki Training

Offered Internationally Online or In-Person! Bundle prices are available as well as payment plans! 

Reiki Level I & II

 A 2.5 day training that introduces you to the Reiki energy and allows you to provide sessions for yourself and your community. 

Reiki Master Level

A 3 day training with the major level-ups that your soul has been craving, which allows you to teach usui/holy fire III reiki and practice at a master level.

Karuna Master Level

A 3 day training with even more level-ups and even deeper healing, which allows you to teach karuna reiki and usui/holy fire III reiki and practice at a master level.