Let's Be Real


Navigating life isn’t easy. Especially when we’re starting a spiritual journey, making massive life changes or when we’re feeling just plain stuck. Sometimes the best thing that we can do is be vulnerable. Vulnerable enough to admit that we can’t do it on our own. Or that we don’t want to. That we need someone to stand beside us, challenge us, help us to see the things we’re missing, guide us, cheer for us and just love us through all of it. This is a HUGE shot to our Ego, and we feel it hard! Working with me will help bring healing to these wounds our Ego carries, which will amplify our intuition, authenticity and soul-driven ways. 

A Healthy Ego Exposes A Wealthy Soul

I use my experience as a soul searcher and an entrepreneur with my social work education and my natural intuitive abilities to cultivate mentorship programs designed specifically for you to heal your wounded Ego and expose your Soul! 


I've been there. Heck, I'm still there! I don't claim to have it all together, and THAT is something I love about myself. I am a seeker and a student, completely obsessed with personal development, and my Ego expresses this with humility! What a concept! What I can offer is the experience, knowledge and wisdom that I've gained by leaning into my journey, healing my Ego, facing my fears and taking leaps.

Social Work Education

I have received a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Social Work and a Diploma with Honours in Social Service Work. I've worked in violence against women centres, homeless shelters and in mental health. As a highly sensitive empath, I burned out horribly in this career, but my experience and education allows me to hold safe, ethical and relatable space in integrity with your needs, desires and personal power.


I am a Claircognizant and Clairsentient woman that leans in and trusts my intuition in all that I do. You will often hear me pause and provide drop-down messages that I am receiving! I allow my work to be guided intuitively which lends to the unique nature of each program. You are different from any client I've ever had and you deserve a program that reflects your authenticity. I help you activate your natural intuitive abilities too.

Become a Published Author...

I am currently co-leading 30+ womxn through their authorship journeys with The Great Canadian Woman Publishing House. There are TWO collaborative books available in the SHE Series. Applications are NOW OPEN!

Authentic Activation Program

A 12-week personalized program that combines deep, cellular healing treatments with spiritual development, ego work and intuitive expansion.

Business Activation Program

An 8-week collaborative program focused on creating and starting a business in alignment with your intuitive nudges, your passion and purpose and  the Universe.

Reiki Activation Program

12-week group program for Reiki Practitioners, at any level, to refine their abilities, build confidence and tap into their unique offerings.

The Daring Mavens

A monthly membership community and portal of resources facilitated by three incredible intuitive mentors. Monthly Guest Speakers and Interviews create an immersive and expansive experience.