Master Level
Usui/Holy Fire III

Reiki Training

An interactive and intensive training that provides the knowledge, placements, ignitions, intuitive development and advanced techniques necessary to provide treatments at a Master Level and teach Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki classes
Prerequisites: Level I and II Usui/Holy Fire III + 6 Months Practice
International Online + In-Person

Becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner and/or Teacher is an ongoing process of personal growth. With the Master Ignitions that occur in Usui/Holy Fire III, you will receive an opportunity to open more and completely to the limitless potential of Reiki. Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki is a traditional, yet incredibly potent form of intuitive energy healing that works with higher levels of consciousness which bring healing to our deepest wounds and unhealed Ego. It ignites the fire in your Soul and creates an overall sense of wellness, possibility and purpose. It helps to reveal your most Authentic, Soul-driven Self and also enables us to see the Authentic Self in those around us. The Master Level dives deep into your relationship with Ego and brings ongoing healing and expansion long after the training is complete. 

You will receive your Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki Master Certificate upon completion of the Full 3 Day Training. This training is provided all day Friday to Sunday from 9am to 6pm EST.    

Master Level Includes:

Receiving your Reiki Master Certificate identifies you as a person competent to teach Reiki to other students because it provides the necessary placements, ignitions and symbols. This is not the only reason that people will invest in a Master training. By learning Usui/Holy Fire III Reiki you have increased your own personal vibration so that we can raise the vibration of the planet together. The Master level of Reiki increases the potency of energy TENFOLD. Becoming a Reiki Master means that you see Reiki as a sacred gift and that you are willing to utilize this gift in a moral and ethical way. A Reiki Master Certificate reassures your clients that you are experienced and qualified to hold space for their healing and spiritual growth. It tells them that you are committed to your own spiritual healing, as well as theirs. Becoming a Reiki Master Practitioner or Teacher is an ongoing process of personal growth. During this training students receive four ignitions which ignite the Holy Fire III Reiki energy within them, sparking a much deeper connection to their Authentic Self. Think of these ignitions as MASSIVE spiritual upgrades! My trainings include intuitive development, chakra healing and specific focus to stuck and unhealed ego, so that you can not only lean into your own healing in a much more engaged and active way, you can also support your clients and students by providing the intuitive guidance that the Reiki energy knows they need to move forward.

Your Investment

$1150 + tax CAD

*All payments are non-refundable. If you are unable to make the training due to an emergency, you may transfer your credit to another training date, course or service. 
**Payment Plans can be made available with a $200 deposit. Please indicate this as your preferred option when completing the registration. 
What’s Included
  • Hard Copy (or Digital) Manual Created By William Lee Rand, from the International Centre for Reiki Training
  • Content and Worksheets Created by Me to Develop Your Intuition and Introduce You to the Chakra System
  • Access to My Pre-Recorded “How-To” Session Videos
  • Master Certificates Upon Completion  *both the manual and the certificate will be shipped to you if you are taking this training online. 


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